May/June WAEC Igbo Language Questions 2024 Verified Answers/Expo (Essay & Obj)

The answers to the ongoing WAEC Igbo exam is out. Candidates for this subject are to carefully review the WAEC Igbo Language Questions and Answers. This exam is scheduled for Tuesday, 14th May, 2024 all over Nigeria. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is a regional examination body that conducts standardized tests for English-speaking West African countries. It plays a crucial role in assessing the academic achievements of students at the secondary school level, facilitating their progress to higher education and beyond.

Igbo is a language spoken predominantly by the Igbo people in southeastern Nigeria, renowned for its tonal nature and vibrant oral traditions that encompass folklore, proverbs, and music.

For candidates who are taken the WAEC Igbo exam, the eagerly awaited answers are now available.

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Is WAEC Igbo Language Questions 2024 Answers Out?

The WAEC Igbo Language exam question papers have been released, prompting students to diligently follow the instructions outlined on this page. It is imperative for candidates to continually refresh the page to ensure uninterrupted access and stay updated on any additional information or instructions provided.

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How To Get The WAEC Igbo Language Questions Answers 2024

There are basically two ways To get the Igbo exam solution from us. You can get it for free here in our website, and secondly, you can get it delivered directly to you through our WhatsApp group.

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2023 WAEC Igbo Answer

A na-etinye akara udaolu n’elu udaume ma myiriudaume.


(i) Ọ na-ebute mgbagwoju anya
(ii) Ọ na-eme ka okwu nwee nghọta ọzọ abụghi ihe a na-ekwu maka ya
(iii) Ọ nwekwara ike ibute ọgba-aghara n’etiti mmadụ na ibe ya.

(i) ube (mkpụrụ osisi) – ùbé
(ii) oke (anụ ụlọ) – òké
(iii) oke (ihe nweta) –  òkè
(iv) Obi (aha) – Òbí
(v) obi (akụkụ ahụ) – óbì
(vi) Ada (aha) – Àdá
(vii) ada (ida n’ala) – ádá

Nnochiaha bu mkpuruokwu na-anochite anya aha n’ahiriokwu maobu ebe obula o no. O bukwa
umu irighiri mkpuruokwu e ji edochi anya aha ihe n’ahiriokwu ka a ghara ide ya ugboro ugboro.


(i) Nochionwe na-anochite anya onye(mmadu)
(ii) O na-anochite anya ihe a kporo aha ya
(iii) Omumatu bu ndi a: m, mụ anyi, gi, ụnụ, ọ, o, ya na ha

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