June/July NECO Biology Questions 2024 Free Answers (Essay & Obj) 100% Verified Solution

NECO 2024 Biology theory and OBJ answers is now released. Are you a Students writing this subject? See the 2024 NECO Biology Questions June/July. This exam is meant to take place on 1st July, 2024. The National Examinations Council (NECO) is a Nigerian examination body responsible for conducting and administering national examinations at the secondary school level. NECO plays a crucial role in assessing and certifying students’ academic achievements across various subjects.

The biology exam comprises both essay and objective sections, expect questions covering topics related to plants and animals.

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Is NECO biology Questions 2024 Answers Out?

Yes, the National examination board has released the 1st July Biology theory and Obj exams details. Our team have verified the papers and confirmed them to be authentic. The subject expert is right now busy with the solving, and once this is conclude we will go ahead and upload it here for free.

NECO has scheduled Papers III & II for Biology, covering Objective and Essay sections, on Tuesday, 2nd July 2024, from 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Students should prepare for a 2 hours 30 minutes examination focused on biological concepts and essay writing during this time slot.


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NECO Biology Essay Answers

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Every arrangement has been concluded and in no time, all the materials for the Biology essay. and objective answers will be uploaded in this page.

(i) Wings
(ii) Hollow bones
(iii) Lightweight skeleton
(iv) Powerful muscles

-Pollen from anther (male part) is transferred to stigma (female part)
-Pollination occurs through agents like bees, butterflies, wind, or water
-Fertilization occurs when pollen germinates and sperm reaches the egg
-Seed formation and fruit development follow successful pollination

(i) Sticky tongue
(ii) Specialized teeth
(iii) Webbed feet


(i) Carry blood away from the heart
(ii) No valves (except for the pulmonary artery and aorta)
(iii) Narrower lumen compared to veins
(iv) Thick, muscular, and elastic walls

(i) Carry blood towards the heart
(ii) Valves present to prevent backflow of blood
(iii) Wider lumen compared to arteries
(iv) Thinner, less muscular, and less elastic walls

(i) Phototropism
(ii) Geotropism
(iii) Hydrotropism
(iv) Thigmotropism

(i) Loss of fertile land and decreased agricultural productivity
(ii) Increased sedimentation in water bodies, harming aquatic ecosystems



(i) Oxygen (O₂)
(ii) Glucose (C₆H₁₂O₆)


(i) Humerus
(ii) Radius
(iii) Ulna


(i) Insulin (regulates blood sugar levels)
(ii) Adrenaline (responds to stress)
(iii) Growth Hormone (regulates growth and development)

-Amoeba: Contractile vacuole
-Hydra: Diffusion through body surface
-Earthworm: Nephridia
-Grasshopper: Malpighian tubules

(1) Mitochondria: Generates energy for the cell through cellular respiration
(2) Lysosomes: Contains digestive enzymes to break down and recycle cellular waste and foreign substances



(i) Leaf Venation; Parallel venation
(ii) Number of Flower Parts; Usually in multiples of three

(i) Leaf Venation; Reticulate (net-like) venation
(ii) Number of Flower Parts; Usually in multiples of four or five

(i) Fossil Record: Shows changes in species over time, with transitional forms demonstrating common ancestry.
(ii) Comparative Anatomy: Homologous structures (e.g., limb bones in vertebrates) indicate common ancestry.
(iii) Molecular Biology: DNA and protein sequence similarities among different species suggest evolutionary relationships.
(iv) Biogeography: Distribution of species across different geographical areas supports patterns of evolution and migration.

(i) Hinge Joint
(ii) Ball-and-Socket Joint
(iii) Pivot Joint

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Key Tips for Passing the NECO Biology Exam

To further enhance your preparation, consider the following tips:

  • Review Thoroughly: Go through the answers carefully to understand the correct responses to each question.
  • Identify Weak Areas: Note down the questions you got wrong and focus on those topics during your study sessions.
  • Practice Regularly: Use the answers to practice similar questions and improve your problem-solving skills.
  • Seek Clarification: If you have doubts about any answer, consult your teacher or classmates for clarification.

Getting NECO Biology June/July questions And Answers 2024

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