JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2024/2025 Free (100% Legit) CBT Answers

Latest verified JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2024. See Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board chemistry expo question, and JAMB Chemistry answers to help you score high in UTME examination.

Preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Chemistry exam can be a challenging task. However, with the right resources and practice, you can improve your chances of success.

Bingmat.com.ng team will show you some commonly asked JAMB Chemistry questions and their answers to help you in your preparation.

Part of what you will see in this article include real Chemistry JAMB answers, and today’s and tomorrow JAMB Chemistry questions and answers

About JAMB Chemistry Examination

Chemistry is a fundamental subject in the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination. It is a science that deals with the composition, structure, properties, and changes of matter. Understanding chemistry concepts is crucial for students who aspire to pursue careers in science, medicine, engineering, and related fields.

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The JAMB Chemistry exam assesses candidates’ knowledge and understanding of various topics such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, organic chemistry, and more. To excel in this subject, it is essential to have a solid foundation in the basic principles and theories of chemistry.

JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers 2024 Verified Expo

The real expo questions and answers on Chemistry will be made available here during the main examination.

If you are a science student, you have nothing to be afraid of. Our JAMB 2024 expo on chemistry is sure and verified.

Make sure you keep visiting this page to be updated on all the solution as the exam draw near.

JAMB Chemistry CBT Expo Questions 2024

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Please note that the main Chemistry questions will be made available 2 hours to the exam. The ones provided above is for practice purpose only.

Question 1
What is the chemical formula for water?

A. H2O
B. CO2
C. NaCl
D. HCl
Answer: A. H2O

Question 2
Which of the following elements is a noble gas?

A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Helium
D. Carbon
Answer: C. Helium

Question 3
What is the pH value of a neutral solution?

A. 7
B. 1
C. 14
D. 0
Answer: A. 7

Question 4
Which of the following is an example of a physical change?

A. Burning wood
B. Rusting of iron
C. Boiling water
D. Digesting food
Answer: C. Boiling water

Question 5
What is the chemical symbol for gold?

A. Ag
B. Au
C. Fe
D. Hg
Answer: B. Au

Question 6
What is the process of converting a solid directly into a gas called?

A. Melting
B. Freezing
C. Condensation
D. Sublimation
Answer: D. Sublimation

More on JAMB Chemistry Questions and Answers

Question 7
Which of the following is an example of an exothermic reaction?

A. Photosynthesis
B. Respiration
C. Combustion
D. Electrolysis
Answer: C. Combustion

Question 8
What is the SI unit for measuring electric current?

A. Ampere
B. Volt
C. Ohm
D. Watt
Answer: A. Ampere

Question 9
Which of the following is a greenhouse gas?

A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Hydrogen
Answer: C. Carbon dioxide

Question 10
What is the process of separating a mixture into its components using the difference in boiling points called?

A. Filtration
B. Distillation
C. Decantation
D. Evaporation
Answer: B. Distillation

These JAMB past Chemistry questions and answers should give you a good starting point for your JAMB Chemistry exam preparation. Remember to study the relevant topics and concepts thoroughly and practice solving similar questions to improve your performance.

JAMB Chemistry Expo Answers

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The answers provided below is for the questions provided in this page.

  1. A. H2O
  2. C. Helium
  3. A. 7
  4. C. Boiling water
  5. B. Au
  6. D. Sublimation
  7. C. Combustion
  8. A. Ampere
  9. C. Carbon dioxide
  10. B. Distillation

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