WAEC Chemistry Practical Specimens 2024 May/June Verified Apparatus For Free

WAEC Chemistry Practical Specimens 2024 for science students is out. See the just released WAEC Chemistry Specimens for the upcoming May/June exam. 100% Verified and legit Chemistry apparatus to help you get good WAEC result.

Are you a science student preparing for the upcoming WAEC May/June WAEC chemistry practical exams? The wait is over! The Chemistry Practical Specimens have just been released, and we have all the details you need to excel in your exams.

It is crucial to note that these WAEC Chemistry exam Practical Specimens is provided by us for free. We will also provide you with free expo on the main Chemistry practical exam.

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Is WAEC Chemistry Practical Specimens 2024 Out?

Yes, the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has released the 2024 Chemistry practical specimens to schools. We have updated it here for free. It is important you study it and make use of it as a guide in your preparation.

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This year science specimens on chemistry is out. have update it here.

Below is the 2023 WAEC chemistry apparatus, Use it for practice purpose

WAEC Chemistry Practical Answers

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Keep refreshing this page, the answer to Chemistry practical will be made available here for free. Our answers usually come out 2 hours to exam.

WAEC Chemistry 2023 Specimens


WAEC Chemistry Question 1 Specimens

each candidate for Chemistry practical should be provided the following:
(a) One Burette of 50cm3 of capacity
(b) One pipette, either 20cm3 or 25cm3 (All candidates at one center must use pipettes of the same volume, these should be clean and free from grease).
(c) The usual apparatus for titration
(d) The usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including the following with all reagents appropriately labeled:
(i) dilute sodium hydroxide solution
(ii) dilute hydrochloric acid
(iii) dilute trioxonitrate(v) acid
(iv) silver trioxonitrate(v) solution
(v) aqueous barium chloride
(vi) aqueous ammonia
(vii) lime water
(viii) red and blue litmus paper
(ix) dilute tetraoxosulphate(vi) acid
(x) acidified potassium dichlorate solution.
(e) Spatula
(f) Filtration apparatus,
(g) One beaker
(h) One boiling tube
(i) Four test tubes
(j) methyl orange indicator
(k) Glass rod
(l) Wash bottle containing distilled/deionized water,
(m) Burning splint,
(n) Watch glass
(o) Bunsen Burner/source of heat
(p) Droppers

(q) mathematical table/calculator

(r) phenolphthalein indicator

WAEC Chemistry Question 3 Specimens

(a) 150cm3 of potassium tetraoxomanganate (VII) solution in a corked flask or bottle labeled ‘An’. These should all be the same containing 1.58g dm3 of KMnO4 solution.
(b) 150cm3 of FeSO4 solution in a corked flask or bottle labeled ‘Bn’. These should all be the same containing 5.5g of FeSO4 per dm3 of solution.
(c) One spatulaful of sodium trioxocarbonate (IV) and one spatulaful of lead (II) nitrate in a specimen bottle labelled ‘Cn’.  The component of the mixture should be in the ratio 1:1 by mass. This must be the same for all candidates.
4. In all cases, more material may be issued if required.
5. The actual concentration of ‘An’ and ‘Bn’ must be stated in the Supervisor Report Form. The candidate will assume that the concentrations are exactly as stated in the question paper.
6. It should be noted that schools are not allowed to amend the information provided on the question paper or substitute any substance/solution for those specified in these instructions.

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How To Get WAEC Chemistry Practical Specimens 2024

Our aim is to support students in their educational journey by providing them with the necessary resources to excel in their studies. We believe that access to practical specimens should not be limited by financial constraints.

To gain access to these free practical specimens, all you need to do is share this post with 10 groups on social media. By spreading the word about our initiative, you help us reach a wider audience and provide more students with the opportunity to benefit from these resources.

Once the WAEC Chemistry Practical Specimens 2024 are released by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC), we will make them available on this page for free. We understand the importance of timely access to these materials, and we strive to ensure that students can access them as soon as possible.


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