WAEC Biology Practical Specimens 2024 May/June Verified Apparatus For Free

WAEC Biology Practical Specimens 2024 for school exam is out. Here is verified WAEC biology specimen for  MAY/June exam. This will help you get good grades in your biology exam. All apparatus provided in this page has been verified to be legit.

Are you preparing for the upcoming WAEC Biology Practical Exam? We have got you covered with the verified WAEC Practical Specimens on Biology for the MAY/June exam. These specimens are crucial for your preparation as they will help you familiarize yourself with the practical aspects of the exam.

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Is WAEC Biology Practical Specimens 2024 Out?

No, the specimens for WAEC Biology Practical 2024 have not been released yet. Once they are available, we will update the information here. Disregard any biology apparatus you may see elsewhere until the official release from WAEC.

If you are here because you are a science student, and would be writing Biology practical, we want to let you know that you have nothing to worry about.

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Bingmat.com.ng team will provide you free expo on biology exam practical, and we advise you get use to the specimens made available to you for free here.

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Below is the 2023Biology practical specimens, please you it for practice purpose only. This year specimen will be released soon by West African Examinations Council. Once it is out, we will update this page to reflect it.

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Keep refreshing this page. The answers will be made available for free once the exam start.

WAEC Biology Practical 2023 Specimens

WAEC Biology Practical White paper

Specimen A – Gill of fish (freshly procured)

Specimen B – Whole liver from a domestic fowl with gall bladder attached, in a Petri dish (freshly procured)

Specimen C– Lung from a domestic fowl on a white tile (freshly procured)

Specimen D – Whole gizzard from a domestic fowl with gall bladder attached, in a Petri dish (freshly procured)

Specimen E – Whole intestine from a domestic fowl with gall bladder attached, in a Petri dish (freshly procured)

Specimen F – Ginger rhizome (fresh)

Specimen G – Onion bulb

Specimen H – Leaf of Bryophyllum (with adventitious roots)

Specimen J – Cassava stem

Specimen K– Cassava tuber

Specimen L – Thoracic vertebra

Specimen M– Humerous bone

Specimen N– Mango seed (dry)

Specimen P– Femur bone

Specimen Q– Lumbar vertebra

Specimen N– Orange seed (dry)


All specimens can be provided as group specimens for five (5) to ten (10) candidates

How To Get WAEC Biology Practical Specimens 2024 For free

There is no hard way to get your Biology specimens for May/June WAEC. like you read early, all specimens will be made available in this website as soon as the are released to schools.

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