June/July NECO Physics Practical Questions 2024 Answers (100%) Verified Solution

NECO Physics June/July solution papers is now available. All science students can see the verified free NECO Physics Practical Questions and Answers to aid them get excellent result. The exam has been fixed for tomorrow being 27th of June, 2024. NECO (National Examinations Council) is a Nigerian examination body responsible for conducting the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) and other national educational assessments. It plays a crucial role in evaluating secondary school students’ academic achievements across Nigeria.

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Is WAEC Physics Questions 2024 Answers Out?

Yes, we wish to inform all student that the national examination council physics practical questions and answers is officially out. All the papers are right now in our desk and we will soon make available online.

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The NECO examination for Physics practical is scheduled to last 2 hours and 45 minutes, commencing at 10:00 am and concluding at 12:45 pm.

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WAEC Physics Practical Answers


Table of values
E= 3.0v

S/N: 1| 2| 3| 4| 5|

L(cm): 10.0| 20.0| 30.0| 40.0| 50.0|

V(v): 2.60| 2.10| 1.90| 1.40| 1.30|

V⁻¹(v⁻¹): 0.385| 0.476| 0.588| 0.714| 0.769


Slope= ∆V⁻¹(v⁻¹)/∆L(cm)
Slope= (0.79 – 0.33)/(85-4)
Slope= 0.46/81
Slope= 0.00568 v⁻¹cm⁻¹

Intercept c = 0.31v⁻¹

K = C⁻¹
K = 1/C
K = 1/0.31
K = 3.23volts

(i) I ensured tight connections
(ii) I opened the key when reading is not being taken

The electromotive force (EMF) of a cell represents its maximum voltage potential when not connected to a circuit, whereas the potential difference (PD) across the cell is the actual voltage measured when it’s connected to a circuit, taking into account the resistance of the circuit and the cell itself.

E₁ – 1.5r₁ E₂ = 1.5r
E= E₁= E₂= 1.5v
Rₜ= V/I =1.5/0.6=2.5π
¹/rₜ=¹/r₁ + ¹/r₂ = ¹/r + ¹/r => ¹/rₜ = ²/r => rₜ = ²/r

Effective circuit resistance (Rᵣ) = R + rₜ
2.5 = 2+r/2
r/2 = 2.5 – 2
r/2 = 0.5


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2024 Physics Specimens

    Two Retort stands
    Drawing board
    One fixed pulley
    Drawing papers
    Five thumb pins
    Set of masses
    Mass 30 g covered and labelled W
    Two mass hangers
    Rectangular glass prism
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Likely NECO SSCE Biology Practical exam Question

You are provided with a constantan wire a 2Ω standard resistor, an
accumulator, E, an ammeter A, a key K and other necessary apparatus
(i) measure and record the emf of the accumulator provided
(ii) connect a circuit as shown in the diagram above
(iii) close the key, read and record the ammeter reading l 0 when the
crocodile clip is not in contact with the constantan wire
(iv) open the key. With the same clip making contact with the wire,
when l=90 cm, close the key, read and record the ammeter reading l.
evaluate l -1
(v)repeat the procedure for l = 80, 70 60 and 50 cm
(vi) in each case, read and record the ammeter reading and evaluate l -1

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