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NECO 2024 Government essay and OBJ answers can bow be accessed online. If you are an art student, see the 2024 NECO Civic Education Questions June/July real solution. According to the timetable, the exam will be taken on 4th July, 2024. The National Examinations Council (NECO) is a Nigerian examination body responsible for conducting and administering national examinations at the secondary school level. NECO plays a crucial role in assessing and certifying students’ academic achievements across various subjects.

Students preparing for a Government exam can expect questions that assess their understanding of political systems, governance structures, and key historical events, requiring them to analyze and interpret political theories and policies within national and international contexts

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Is NECO Government Questions 2024 Answers Out?

Yes, the information reaching bingmat.com.ng desk is that the National examination board Government theory and Obj answers is out. We have the question papers with us right now.

NECO has scheduled Papers III & II for Government on Thursday, July 4th, 2024, comprising Objective and Essay sections from 2:00 pm to 4:40 pm

The scheduled time provide students with ample time to demonstrate their knowledge of political systems, theories, and governance issues through both multiple-choice and essay-based questions.


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NECO Government Essay Answers

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Power refers to the ability or capacity to achieve a desired outcome, exert influence, or control over others, events, or resources. In the context of politics, power is often associated with authority, leadership, and decision-making.

(i) Elections and Democratic Processes:
In democratic societies, political power is often acquired through elections. Candidates campaign to gain the support of the electorate, and those who receive the most votes win political office. This process is rooted in the principles of representative democracy, where citizens have the right to choose their leaders and hold them accountable through periodic elections.

(ii) Inheritance and Monarchy:
In some political systems, power is inherited through familial lines. Monarchies are a prime example where kings, queens, and other nobility acquire political power through birthright. This form of political power is often sustained by traditions, cultural norms, and sometimes, divine right theories that legitimize the rule of the monarch and their descendants.

(iii) Revolutions and Coups:
Political power can be acquired through revolutions or coups, which involve the overthrow of existing governments or regimes. Revolutions are typically mass movements driven by widespread discontent with the current system, often leading to radical changes in political structure. Coups, on the other hand, are usually sudden, violent, and executed by a small group, often within the military or elite factions.

(iv) Appointments and Nominations:
In many political systems, individuals can acquire power through appointments and nominations. This occurs in various forms, such as cabinet positions, judiciary appointments, and other significant roles within the government. These appointments are usually made by existing political leaders or bodies and often reflect the appointee’s loyalty, expertise, or political alliances.

(v) Charismatic Leadership and Popular Movements:
Charismatic leaders often gain political power through their ability to inspire and mobilize people. Their personal qualities, vision, and communication skills can attract a significant following, leading to the formation of popular movements. These leaders leverage their charisma to build political parties, gain public support, and ultimately acquire positions of power through various means, including elections and social movements.

A franchise is the right or privilege granted to a citizen to vote in an election, choose a representative, or participate in the decision-making process of a government or organization. It is also referred to as suffrage.

(i) Age: The candidate must have attained the minimum age required by law to vote in the election. This age varies by country or state, but is typically 18 years old. This condition ensures that voters have reached a level of maturity and understanding to make informed decisions.

(ii) Citizenship: The candidate must be a citizen of the country or state holding the election. This condition ensures that only those with a vested interest in the country’s governance can participate in the democratic process.

(iii) Residence: The candidate must have been a resident of the electoral district or constituency for a specified period before the election. This condition ensures that voters have a connection to the community and are invested in its well-being.

(iv) Registration: The candidate must be registered to vote in the election. This typically involves filling out a voter registration form and providing proof of identity and residency. This condition ensures that voters are officially recorded and eligible to cast a ballot.

(v) Not disqualified: The candidate must not have been disqualified from voting due to a criminal conviction, mental incapacity, or other legal reasons specified by electoral laws.

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Tips For passing NECO government exam

To pass the NECO Government exam, students should thoroughly review key topics such as political ideologies, governance structures, and historical events relevant to their syllabus. Practice answering past exam questions to familiarize themselves with the format and time constraints, and focus on developing clear and concise essay writing skills to effectively communicate their understanding of political theories and current affairs.

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