June/July NECO Chemistry Practical Questions 2024 Answers (100%) Verified Solution

NECO Chemistry June/July solution papers is now available. If you are looking for verified free NECO Chemistry Practical Questions and Answers, here is the solution. All science students are expected to pass this section to get good grade. NECO (National Examinations Council) is a Nigerian examination body responsible for conducting the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) and other national educational assessments. It plays a crucial role in evaluating secondary school students’ academic achievements across Nigeria.

Chemistry practical exams involve conducting experiments to demonstrate understanding of theoretical concepts such as chemical reactions, titrations, and qualitative analysis.

If you are a science student looking for a real solution on Chemistry 2024 NECO practical, bingmat have made it easy for you.

We wish to inform all science student that NECO Chemistry practical expo has been released by the national examination council. Our team have verified the papers and have commenced solving.

In this post, all details concerning NECO June/July Chemistry practical expo questions and answers is explained in detail. Adequate guide on how to pass the examination is also provided.

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Is WAEC Chemistry Questions 2024 Answers Out?

Yes, the national examination council Chemistry practical questions and answers is out online. the papers are right now with us, and we are making everything ready for you.

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The NECO exam on Thursday, July 4th, 2024, includes Paper I Practical for Chemistry, scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon.

This examination session is crucial for assessing students’ ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, focusing on experimental techniques and accurate data analysis.

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WAEC Chemistry Practical Answers

Burette readings;
|Rough |1st |2nd|3rd|

Final readings in cm³;
|22.00|20.10 |20.20|20.30|

Initial reading in cm³;
|0.00|0.00|0.00 |0.00|

Volume of A (acid) used cm³;
|22.00|20.10|20.20| 20.30|

The average titre
= 20.10+20.20+20.30/3
= 20.20cm³

;Va 20.20cm³

Concentration of A in mol/dm³, Ca = ?

Concentration of A (g/dm³) = 4.40g/dm³.

.m.m of A, H²SO⁴ =(1*2)+(32*1)+(16*4)

Using concentration (mol/dm³) = Concentration (g/dm³)/m.m

Concentration (mol/dm³)

;: Concentration of A(mol/dm³) = 0.045mol/dm³

Concentration of B(mol/dm³) =???
Ca=0.045, Va=20.20, Vb=25.00, na=1, nb=1, cb=?

Using; CaVa/CbVb = na/nb
Cb=CaVanb/Vbna =0.045*20.20*1/25.00*1

Conc. of B(g/dm³) that reacted =??
molar mass of B, Na₂CO₃ = (23*2)+(12*1)+(16*3) = 106g/mol

Conc. of B(mol/dm³) = 0.036mol/dm3
Conc. (mol/dm³) = Conc. (g/dm³)/molar mass

(0.036/1) = Conc. (g/dm³)/106

Conc. (g/dm³) = 0.036*106 = 3.82g/dm³
Conc. of B(g/dm³) = 3.82/dm³

mass of the impurity in 1.0dm³ of B=??
Conc. of impurity (g/dm³) = 7.50 – 3.82 = 3.68g/dm³

:. Mass of impurity= Conc. (g/dm³) x vol. (dm³)
= 3.68×1 = 3.68g

Vol. of CO₂ produced in 1.0dm³ of B = ??

Mole of B= Conc. x Vol. (dm³)
Mole of B = 0.036*1
Mole of B =0.036mol

By proportion,
1mol of Na₂.10₃ = 1mol of CO₂

0.036mol of Na₂.10₃ = xmol of CO₂

mole of CO₂ produced = 1*0.036 = 0.036mol

:. Volume = mole * 22.4 = 0.81dm³

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2024 Chemistry Specimens



    Chemistry Laboratory, each candidate will require the following:
    (a) One burette (50 cm³)
    (b) One pipette (20 cm³ /25 cm³), however all candidates in a centre must
     use pipette of the same volume
    3. (a) The usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including:
    (i) Dilute sodium hydroxide solution
    (ii) Dilute ammonia solution
    (iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid
    (iv) Barium chloride solution
    (v) Distilled water
    (vi) Red and blue litmus papers
    (vii) Copper (II) tetraoxosulphate (VI) solution
    (viii) 2.0 molar solution of HCI
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Likely NECO SSCE Chemistry Practical exam Question

(a)i During the titration, why is the
(1) funnel removed from the burette before taking the
initial reading?
(II) burette first rinsed with distilled water before filling it
with acid?
(III) tip of the pipette dipped well below the surface of the alkali
before sucking up?
ii. Outline the procedure that can be used to obtain a pure sample of sodium
chloride from contaminated rock salt.

How To Get The NECO Chemistry Questions Answers 2024

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