June/July NECO Biology Practical Questions 2024 Answers (100%) Verified Solution

NECO Biology June/July  solution papers is out is now ready. If you are taking this subject, see the NECO Biology Practical Questions and Answers 100% verified to make good get excellent result in your SSCE. NECO (National Examinations Council) is a Nigerian examination body responsible for conducting the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) and other national educational assessments. It plays a crucial role in evaluating secondary school students’ academic achievements across Nigeria.

We wish to inform all student writing the 2024 biology practical subject that the question papers and answers are currently out.

The bingmat team have verified the question papers and confirmed it to be legit. All the answers have also been solved to be inline with NECO marking scheme.

If you are here for the NECO June/July biology practical expo questions and answers, you are specially welcome to this page.

In this page, we are not only going to share the question papers with you, but will guide you on how to use the biology runs answers to your advantage.

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Is WAEC Biology Questions 2024 Answers Out?

Yes, the national examination council biology practical questions and answers has been released. Our team are through with the verification and all answers will soon be uploaded in this page.

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WAEC Biology Practical Answers


Spec: A – Onion (Bulb)

Spec: B-Ginger (Rhizome)

Spec: C – Irish Potato (tuber)

Spec: D – Potted Bean seedling (A week old)

Spec: E – Potted Guinea-com seedling (A week old)

Spec A: Vegetative propagation (by bulbs)

Spec B: Vegetative propagation (by rhizomes)

Spec C: Vegetative propagation (by tubers)


Specimen D: Epigeal germination (the seedling emerges from the soil and the cotyledons are above ground)

Specimen E: Hypogeal germination (the seedling remains underground and the cotyledons remain below ground)

Specimen D;
(i)The seedling needs light to grow and develop
(ii)The cotyledons are photosynthetic and need to be above ground to perform photosynthesis

Specimen E :
(i)The seedling gets protection from harsh environmental conditions
(ii)The cotyledons can absorb nutrients from the soil without being exposed to light

Specimen D: Tap root system (a single main root that grows straight down into the soil)

Specimen E: Fibrous root system (many branching roots that spread out in all directions)

SPECIMEN D: Reticulate venation (net-like pattern of veins in the leaf)

Specimen E: Parallel venation (veins run parallel to each other in the leaf)

Specimen; A – Onion (Bulb): Scale leaves (the thick, fleshy leaves that make up the bulb)

Specimen; B – Ginger (Rhizome): Rhizome (the underground stem that serves as a storage organ)

Specimen; C – Irish Potato (Tuber): Tuber (the underground stem that serves as a storage organ, consisting of starch and other nutrients)

Specimen; F – Pigeon’s head with the neck

Specimen; G- Atlas vertebra of a Rabbit

Specimen; H- Lumbar vertebra of a Rabbit

Specimen; I-Cactus plant

Specimen; J – Water lettuce


To support the head and allow for flexibility and movement of the neck.

Specimen G:
First cervical vertebra (C1), located at the base of the skull

Specimen H:
Located in the lower back region, between the ribcage and the pelvis (L1-L7)

Occipital bone

(2av) [img]https://i.imgur.com/bp5PTdM.jpeg[/img]


Specimen I; Cactus plant
(i)Stem succulence (ability to store water in the stem)
(ii)Spines (reduce water loss through transpiration)
(iii)Deep roots (access water deep in the soil)

Specimen J; Water lettuce
(i)Floating leaves (allow the plant to stay afloat on the water surface)
(ii)Long stems (allow the plant to absorb nutrients from the water)


Specimen; K-Ripe Tomato fruit

Specimen; L – Ripe Palm fruit

Specimen; M-Ripe Tridax fruit

Specimen; N – Ripe Mango fruit

Specimen; O-Ripe flamboyant flower.

Specimen K; Berry

Specimen L; Berry

Specimen M; Cypsela

Specimen K; Axile
Specimen N; Axile

Specimen L; Dispersal by Animal

Specimen M; Dispersal by wind

(iii)Sticky surface

Specimen K
(i)Small sized
(ii)Red coloured

(i)Big sized
(ii) Yellow coloured




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2024 Biology Specimens

  • Specimen A (Onion Bulb): The edible bulb of the onion plant, used as a vegetable in cooking.
  • Specimen B (Ginger Rhizome): The underground stem of the ginger plant, often used as a spice and for its medicinal properties.
  • Specimen C (Irish Potato Tuber): The thickened underground part of the stem of the potato plant, used as a starchy vegetable in cooking.
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Tips to pass NECO SSCE Biology Practical exam

To excel in a Biology practical exam, students should familiarize themselves with laboratory equipment and experimental procedures beforehand. Practicing past experiments and maintaining detailed observations during the exam are also crucial for achieving success.

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