MTN Data Plan 2024 (Daily, Weekly, & Monthly) Subscription Code, And Prices

Looking for a reliable data plan? Check out 2024 best MTN Data Plan range of daily, weekly, and monthly data plans to suit your needs and budget. Here is subscription code, and price that works for smaller data packages, and unlimited data.

Subscribe to MTN’s daily data plans starting from ₦100 for 50MB, weekly data plans starting from ₦300 for 350MB, and monthly data plans starting from ₦1,200 for 1.5GB.

Enjoying seamless internet browsing, social media access, and streaming your favorite shows requires data, and knowing the cheapest data plan is the key.

When it comes to staying connected and accessing the internet, having a reliable data plan is essential.

MTN, one of the leading telecommunications companies, offers a range of data plans to suit different needs and budgets.

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In this article, we are going to show you the various data plan available for MTN user, their prices, and how to buy it online, and using SMS short code.

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MTN Data Plan 2024 Packages

MTN user have various options when it comes to data plan. Whether you need data for a day, a week, or a month, MTN has you covered. Below are the various options available:

  1. Daily Data plan
  2. Weekly plan
  3. Monthly Data subscription
  4. 4. 2-3 month subscription
  5. Always on paln
  6. Broadband plan
  7. Family packs Data plan
  8. Hot deals
  9. Free Youtube

For the purpose of this article, we are going to concentrate mainly on the daily, weekly, and month data plan commonly used among all MTN network subscribers.

MTN Daily Data Plans

If you only need data for a short period of time, MTN’s daily data plans are a great option. These plans are perfect for those who need to quickly browse the internet, check emails, or use social media for a day. Here are some of the daily data plans offered by MTN:

  1. #50 for 40MB
  2. #100 FOR 100MB
  3. #100 for 350 MB (IG/TT/YT)
  4. #200 for 200MB
  5. #350 for 1GB
  6. #800 for 3GB
  7. #500 for 2 GB
  8. #600 for 2.5GB
  9. #400 for 1.5GB
  10. #30 for 250MB (Nightlife)
  11. #50 for 500MB (Nightlife)
  12. #25 for WhatsApp Daily
  13. #50 Joly Combo offer
  14. #100 Jolly Combo Offer
  15. #50 Betamix Mini (40MB &2Mins)
  16. #100 Betamix Max (100MB & 4Mins)

To subscribe to any of these plans, simply dial *312*1# on your MTN line and follow the prompts. You can also use the MyMTN app to purchase and manage your data plans.

MTN Data Plans For Weekly Subscribers

These plans are suitable for those who require internet access throughout the week but don’t want to commit to a monthly plan. Here are some of the weekly data plans offered by MTN:

  1. #350 for 350MB
  2. #500 For 600MB (7days)
  3. #500 for 750 MB + #500 (14days)
  4. #600 for 1GB
  5. #1000 for 1.5GB
  6. #2,000 for 7GB
  7. #1,500 for 5 GB
  8. #50 for WhatsApp Daily
  9. #500 for 750MB (Youtube Bundle)

MTN Monthly Data Plans

If you require a more long-term data solution, MTN’s monthly data plans are the way to go. These plans are ideal for heavy internet users, remote workers, or those who simply want the peace of mind of having a consistent internet connection. Here are some of the monthly data plans offered by MTN and their prices:

  1. #1,000 for 1.2GB
  2. #1,200 for 1.5GB
  3. #1,600 for 3GB
  4. #2,000 for 4GB
  5. #1,500 for 5 GB
  6. #3,000 for 8GB
  7. #4,000 for 12GB
  8. #3,500 for 15GB
  9. #5,500 for 20GB
  10. #6,500 for 25GB
  11. #11000 for 40GB
  12. #16,000 for 75GB
  13. #22,000 for 120GB
  14. #30,000 for 200GB
  15. #1,000 for 1.5GB + #1000
  16. #3,500 for 10GB
  17. #2,000 for 4.5GB + #2000 Talktime

Other Data Plan Available To MTN Users

2-3 Monthly

  1. #8,000 for 30GB/60 Days
  2. #20,000 for 100GB/60 Days
  3. #30,000 for 160GB/60 Days
  4. #50,000 for 400GB/90 Days
  5. #75,000 for 600GB/90 Days

Always On Bundle

  1. #60 for 200MB/24 Hrs
  2. #120 for 450MB/7 Days
  3. #3,000 for 15GB/30 Days
  4. #6,000 for 45GB/30 Days

How to Buy MTN Data Plan Using #312# Code

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase a data plan :

  1. Dial the appropriate USSD code for the type of data plan you want (e.g., *412*1# for daily plans, *312*2# for weekly plans, or *312*3# for monthly plans).
  2. Follow the prompts to select your desired data plan.
  3. Confirm your purchase and wait for a confirmation message from MTN.

Purchasing Data Plan On MyMTN app

You can also use the MyMTN app to purchase and manage your data plans. Simply download the app from your device’s app store, register or log in to your account, and navigate to the data plans section.

Remember to ensure that you have sufficient airtime or credit on your MTN line before attempting to purchase a data plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about MTN data plans:

Can I roll over unused data to the next day/week/month?

No, MTN data plans do not support data rollover. Any unused data will expire at the end of the validity period.

How can I check my data balance?

To check your data balance, simply dial *310# on your MTN line and your remaining data balance will be displayed.

Can I share my data with other MTN users?

Yes, MTN allows you to share your data with other MTN users through the Data Gifting service. Simply dial *312# and follow the prompts to share your data.

Can I use MTN data plans while roaming?

Yes, MTN data plans can be used while roaming, but additional charges may apply. It is recommended to check the roaming rates and activate the appropriate roaming plan before traveling.

Can I subscribe to multiple data plans at the same time?

Yes, you can subscribe to multiple data plans at the same time. However, each data plan will have its own validity period, and any unused data from one plan will not roll over to another plan.

For more update on MTN Data Plan 2024, kindly use the comment section to reach us. You can also visit the MTN official website to stay update.


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