WAEC Salesmanship Questions 2024 Free Verified Answers (Essay & Obj)

The Salesmanship verified answers for West African Examinations Council is out. Those who need the WAEC Salesmanship Questions 2024 expo runs are welcome to utilize it for good result in the subject. WAEC, known as the West African Examinations Council, is a respected examination authority conducting standardized tests for students in English-speaking West African nations, playing a pivotal role in evaluating academic performance and shaping educational pathways in the region.

We understand that you are here because you are writing the WAEC 2024 Salesmanship examination. If so, you are welcome to this post.

In this article, you are not only going to see the Salesmanship expo questions and answers, but will be guided on how to use it to your own advantage.

The Salesmanship examination is scheduled for Thursday, May 9th, 2024, with Salesmanship 2 (Essay) taking place from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, followed by Salesmanship 1 (Objective) from 11:30 am to 12:20 pm.

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WAEC WAEC Salesmanship Questions And Answers

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WAEC Salesmanship Theory (Essay) Answers



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WAEC Salesmanship OBJ Answers

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Understanding the Salesmanship Exam

The Salesmanship exam is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of various concepts related to the field of sales and marketing. It assesses your ability to effectively communicate and persuade customers, as well as your knowledge of sales techniques, customer service, and product knowledge.

The exam is divided into two sections: the objective section and the essay section. The objective section consists of multiple-choice questions, while the essay section requires you to write detailed responses to specific prompts.

How To Get WAEC Mining Questions And Answers 2024

There is no hard way to get the solutions to Salesmanship questions. All you have to do is to keep refreshing this post.

Our free questions and answers are posted at least 2 hours before the exam start. The question papers is right now with so you have nothing to worry about.

Preparing for the Exam

1. Review the Syllabus: Familiarize yourself with the exam syllabus to understand the topics and concepts that will be covered. Focus on areas such as sales strategies, customer relationship management, product knowledge, and communication skills.

2. Practice Past Questions: Obtain past exam papers and practice answering both the objective and essay sections. This will help you become familiar with the format of the exam and identify any areas where you may need additional study or practice.

Sample Salesmanship Essay Questions and Answers

While this is not the exact essay questions and answers for the current year, we can offer some sample questions that are commonly asked in the Salesmanship exam. Here are a few examples:

Question 1:

Discuss the importance of building strong relationships with customers in the sales process.


Building strong relationships with customers is crucial in the sales process for several reasons. Firstly, strong customer relationships foster trust and loyalty. When customers trust a salesperson and feel a connection with them, they are more likely to make repeat purchases and recommend the product or service to others.

Secondly, strong relationships enable salespeople to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. By building rapport and engaging in active listening, salespeople can gather valuable insights that help them tailor their approach and offer personalized solutions.

Preparing for the May/June WAEC Salesmanship questions and answers  2024 requires a combination of knowledge, practice, and effective study strategies. By understanding the exam format, reviewing relevant materials, and practicing past questions, you can increase your chances of success.


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