How Tortoise Got Its Rough Back Story

This is just a folktale story which summaries how tortoise got its rough back after he was banished and thrown into the dark forest. But why was tortoise banished from the animal kingdom? find out in this story.


How Tortoise Got Its Rough Back Story 2022


When the tortoise woke up that morning, the sky and the whole surroundings were foggy. Then, slowly, he moved out of the house. Carefully, he looked round. He needed to understand what was happening.

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What he imagined to be a fog was rather a thick acrid smoke. It rolled out to every corner to form a massive cloud which cut the sky off. Then the dawn had been like dark midnight as dark as black pear. He paused to listen. Everywhere was quiet. The bees did not sing their war songs. The “volleys of bullets dislodged at the King’s forces did not seem to drop.


Where were they? Where was his defence air force?. With many unanswered questions in his soul, Tortoise crept forward to ascertain what had come amiss in his domain. Willy’s army had stationed in the eastern flank, Tortoise army in the north. He needed to move in those directions to ensure he had not lost the defence troops.


Northern Flank


Just then a long loud noise tore the air. When Tortoise brought up his face, he beheld a fleet of aircrafts which shot toward the eastern defence. With the same speed, another fleet swooped down towards the northern flank. Then a noise of confusion began to fill the air. The noise was too clear for even a baby mind to mistake its cause. As he pondered on the development, fear gripped him.


Tortoise scurried back to his lodge. Adaeze lay in bed, still in full capture of sleep. He screamed at her, rousing her with a jolt. As she rose from the bed and gazed at her husband in search of warmth and softness of manner, she failed to see any. Instead, a fire of fury burned his face and threatened to spread across to scald her. She was absolutely amazed at the sudden change of Tortoise attitude.


The Prince Pleaded With Tortoise


‘Oh, my lord and love, she sobbed, ‘why have you suddenly changed towards me?”. ‘Love!’ Tortoise mocked and laughed wickedly. ‘Prepare to go. You must go before me!’


‘Go? I have done no wrong to you. With all my heart i do love you. Of all men and animals, I chose to love and marry you. You did sing songs of love for me. You vowed to please and transport me to heavens of joy. Spare my food, I beg of you, my lord’.


‘I shall not spare you. For me to leave is to leave with you. Gobbie’s forces are right here. They have come to capture and deliver me to the King. The Majesty is cruel, and shall take me’.


Tortoise’s Sword


The tortoise dashed into his strong room. When he appeared again before the prince, a sword was clasped in his hand. Daniel’s eyes popped with fright. Spare me. I beg of you, my lord.


For your sake, I did leave the Majesty, I did leave the palace that I might please you. I did not count the shame that so might haunt the King or the grief that so might rend the Queen. I did all for your sake that so I might please you. Spare me, I beg of you, my love’.


Joy Of The Majesty


The animal was not softened by the tender pleas of the poor girl. In fact, his cheeks had thickened with more hate. ‘I am the tortoise, a big masquerade restrained by nobody. Those who love me I w love. I return joy to those from whom get same. ‘You’re the joy of the Majesty. To spare you is to spare their joy. But I owe myself a duty to take you so that I may erase their joy’.


‘I beg of you to spare me’. He brought the arm up, then let go a swipe at the prince. The tender pleas of the prince had already choked in her mouth as a fountain of water sprang up from a deep cut in her car and spread all over the room.


The Cook Intervened


The cook was alarmed. By the time she reached the bedroom to ascertain the cause of a deep cry she heard, it was already too late. She sobbed violently and grabbed the tortoise. ‘The prince’, she sobbed, why did you take her?


The animal felt threatened. But then he had grown so water thirsty that he no longer had regard for life. And his face still burned with fury. Of course, he knew that life was over and done with him. And it appeared he was set to cast everyone else in the same mould of fate with himself.


With the untamed fury, he turned to the cook. He swept the floor which caught her trunk and sent her dancing to the floor.


The Run


Then he began to flee. But the footsteps of the soldiers were getting louder and nearer. He burst out from his lodge. It appeared that the danger from which he fled came from north and east, and south seemed safe. He went south, moving with a speed as much as his box could allow.


‘Tortoise!’ He heard that call, and the voice was familiar; it belonged to his friend. Willy. He tried to halt, but thought of the cook. What answer would he give him?. Tortoise! Again the call reached his ears. ‘You got me into this! Don’t run away. Where’s the cook, my wife?”


When he looked in the direction of the call, he beheld Willy hurled between powerful talons as the enemy shot towards him. It occurred to him that Willy had long been captured. The search team were being led to his domain for the same purpose when they suddenly caught sight of him. It was now too late to make a further attempt of escape.


The Judgment Day


‘Lo! He comes!’ Her Majesty had just spotted the culprit from a distance as she leapt to her feet. ot


‘Look well and ensure you’re not robbed by wrong judgement’. ‘My lord, I can’t mistake that devil even if I spy him from heaven’. ‘I pray he comes with the prince’. ‘Lo! He comes, enclosed by soldiers like the tiger in a hedge of powerful stakes. But I do not spy the prince’.


The king’s heart pounded. He didn’t want to nurse fear of his son’s demise, the fear that his beloved son, the prince, was not around any longer. But the beads of sweat on his nose and his legs which jolted both betrayed the fears.


Tortoise Gets A Rough Back


‘Where’s the prince?’ his Majesty thundered at the tortoise as the soldiers finally delivered him to the Emperor. No response came from the tortoise. But, instead, a soldier said slowly: ‘We found her lying on the floor’.

The king did not utter a word anymore. The queen fell on the ground as grief took over her throat. Then, suddenly, a sharp pain began to move from her womb and spread through her body, thinking of the ordeals of pregnancy and childbirth before the prince came to the world. The verdict of the king came as expected. When he finally composed himself, he made the proclamation.

‘Willy and the tortoise shall be banished and thrown into the dark forest. Slowly, the culprits were led away from the king’s court. The king’s soldiers threw them into the forest. Unluckily for tortoise, his back landed on a strong rock and that was how Tortoise got its rough back till today.


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